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Apolis, meaning "Global Citizen", was founded in 2004 with the goal of creating a business model that can forge social change. Committed to global advocacy and social entrepreneurship Apolis work with co-op partners in regions as far-reaching as Uganda, Peru and Bangladesh to produce a diverse range of lifestyle products.


AYAME was founded in 2010 by designer Yu Imaizumi in Fukui City, the home of the Japanese eyewear industry. The AYAME (Japanese Iris flower) is the symbol of Fukui city and also when the word is broken down it means color (AYA) and eye (ME). Each frame is carefully shaped and hand polished one by one by skilled craftsmen.


“Life’s a Journey” is the mantra for lifestyle magazine “BIRD” sometimes dubbed the "TRANSIT for GIRLS. Each issue focuses on a specific country or region and looks at the connections between fashion, food, music, art and interiors.


At Cobble Mountain Hammock Company, all products are made by hand in a century old mill located in the hills of Vermont. Pride in quality and craftsmanship is evident by the Vermont artisans' autographed card attached to every hammock chair. Cobble Mountain are also committed to the welfare of the environment with the oak used in each chair being harvested from sustainable forests.

Heather Levine Ceramics

Heather Levine is a Los Angeles, California based ceramics artist producing hand-crafted stoneware clay lamps and objects. Her original wall hangings are signature items made from recycled clay pieces and found wood making each piece truly one-of-a-kind.

Hender Scheme

Ryo Kashiwazaki founded Hender Scheme in Tokyo in 2010 aiming to create products that balanced modern design with traditional craftsmanship. All products are hand-crafted in the Hender Scheme atelier in Tokyo's Asakusa district, an area synonymous with Japan’s long standing leather industry. The brand's ‘Homage' series received acclaim around the world for their artisanal reconstruction of several iconic sneaker models, which were hand-crafted entirely in premium, pre-tanned, natural leather. The result are shoes that acquire a unique patina and gain individual character over time. As the footwear line has grown, many other leather goods, home wares and daily use items have been added to the offering, all with a focus on superior quality leather and painstaking dedication to craftsmanship.


her. magazine was founded in 2015 as the sister publication to renowned fashion and cultural periodical THE NEW ORDER MAGAZINE. Abiding by the premise of “originate", her. is inspired by the people who define the world of fashion, music, art, and design.


Spanning three generations the Ito family has been in the paper business since 1938, when Haruo Ito opened a paper mill and bindery in Tokyo's Edogawa Ward. In the beginning, the bindery produced specialized notebooks for college students and also collaborated with printing companies to produce leaflets and pamphlets. Today, the company brings its decades of expertise to paper cutting, folding, binding and finishing. In 2009 Ito Bindery received a Good Design award for its drawing pad and memo block which was particularly well regarded for its no-waste design.


Design and crafts unit consisting of designer Jet and graphic designer Minmin. Based in Hamamatsu, Shizoka Prefecture, the two source surplus military materials and dead stock goods to produce a range of completely new re-made items. With a desire to make products that last a lifetime and have a minimal impact on the environment, all items produces under JETMINMIN's "LOHAMODS" banner have a lifetime repair service warranty.

Ladd Cottage

Based in Portland, Oregon, Ladd Cottage produce handcrafted 100% pure beeswax candles. The rich gold color of the wax is 100% natural and gives off a beautiful golden light. Unlike paraffin based candles beeswax candles are not only odorless but actually purify the air as they burn.


Libeco has been manufacturing linen products in Meulebeke, Belgium, a region famous for its flax culture and textile industry, for 150 years. Renowned for its simple, sophisticated linens, Libeco exports its products to over 50 countries and is considered one of the premier producers of linen products such as handkerchiefs, apparel and interior decorations in the world.


Naef has been manufacturing hand crafted toys in Switzerland for over 50 years. Naef quality products begin by specifically selecting woods that will not shrink or warp and will remain durable over time. All of the painted products are made using non-toxic varnishes or clear coats and all woods are harvested from sustainable forests in Europe.


P.F.S. was founded In 1988 with a focus on improving lifestyles not just building furniture. From their Ebisu, Tokyo base P.F.S. undertake the entire process of design, production and retail and in doing so have built a global reputation for exceptional contemporary design and impeccable quality. Today, P.F.S. is not limited to designing furniture but also handles space designs designing private homes and commercial spaces.


Pendleton was founded by English immigrant weaver Thomas L. Kay in 1909, and the company’s original Pacific Northwest woollen wills have been in continuous operation ever since. Through exceptional craftsmanship and use of durable and water repellant 100% virgin wool Pendleton have produced the benchmark quality woollen blankets and clothing for decades. The use of Native American geometric patterns has also helped Pendleton achieve iconic status as an American brand.


Founded in 1835 STAEDTLER produces a large variety of pens, pencils and drafting tools,. The company is named of Friedrich Staedtler who is said to be the inventor of the wooden pencil. With its long history of innovation and quality STAEDTLER is renowned for producing some of the finest writing, artist and engineering drawing instruments in the world.


Terasu means “to illuminate” in Japanese, and that the goal of founder and creative director Max Houtzager with this independent magazine. The broad reaching lifestyle publication is “a cultural cornerstone for surf, bike and snow, creative expression, gastronomy and well-being."


THE was founded in Tokyo in 2012 with the aim of setting new standards on a range of existing everyday lifestyle products. Minimal in design and exceptional in quality, THE also seeks to raise the benchmark on what is considered “THE” standard.

The Landscapers

Tokyo botanics brand THE LANDSCAPERS are specialists in showcasing interior air plants, which require no soil and absorb water from the air. THE LANDSCAPERS bottle, encase and submerge the plants using a variety of vessels and containers creating beautiful, original displays.


Travel and culture magazine TRANSIT publishes quarterly under with the simple concept of documenting “Things of Beauty”. It provides information and imagery that not only cannot be found on the internet but with a level of intimacy that few other travel publications achieve. Each issue also provides useful information such as maps and mini guidebooks, local history and cultural anthropology, interviews and contributions from renowned writers and cultural icons.


TRUCK FURNITURE was founded by Tokuhiko Kise in 1997 in Osaka with a desire to create furniture that can improve how one lives. Striving to design products unrelated to fleeting trends or fashions, TRUCK FURNITURE items are made to last a lifetime. Not stopping at just furniture, TRUCK now produce a range of lifestyle products, miscellaneous goods and clothing.

叢 (Qusamura)

Kohei Oda,re-knowned florist and Qusamura owner, shows a new view of succulent cacti. He values not only the color and shape, but the uniqueness and background of each plant. Selected plants are full of character, unusual, and sometimes a bit too weird for the general market. By Oda's hands, they are beautifully presented in various pots emphasizing their charms in an art form.


Hori Locks was established in 1890 during the height of the Meiji era as a seller of the latest locks and fittings imported from Europe. Eventually Hori locks began manufacturing and selling their own locks which are highly regarded for their reliability and robustness.


Nambu Tekki (cast iron) is a traditional ironware produced in Morioka City, Iwate Prefecture since the end of the 17th century, when craftsmen who came from Kyoto started producing iron teakettles, weapons, and temple bells. Tadahiro Baba was born in Kyoto in 1930. He is a renowned Japanese designer of objects made in the traditional Japanese Nambu Tekki craft. Baba's designs feature fluid shapes with a distinctive modern edge.