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Antipasto is a small dish prepared at the beginning of an Italian cuisine. Just as how antipasto enlightens ones expectations for the main dish to come Antipast aims to provide the same for one's fashion through its offering of all made-in-Japan socks and textiles.


Through the utilization of original fabrics, yarns and hand embroidery archi creates contemporary garments that blend natural beauty with global traditions. Inspired by the cultures, materials and motifs encountered on world travels, archi is evocative of distant landscapes and peoples.


Birkenstock was founded in 1774. The company revolutionised footbeds with its ergonomically designed mixed rubber and cork insole systems. Birkenstock’s arched insoles and deep, flexible footbeds are considered to have paved the way for todays comfort footwear market. Pioneering comfort and quality.


BLUEBIRD BOULEVARD was founded in Tokyo in 2014 under the concept of creating "tender clothing for women", the brand produces comfortable and casually elegant everyday wear.


Chaco was launched in 1989 by Mark Paigen, a fly fishing and whitewater rafting guide on the Colorado River. Paigen began making sport sandals for his fellow guides and eventually started making the unique sandals for clients. Chaco sandals incorporate a pull-through strap system that is micro-adjustable for the perfect fit and designed to help keep the foot in place during wear.


COMESANDGOES is a Tokyo based hat and headwear brand. Founder and designer Kazuho Sato gained his experience at Japans preeminent hat makers CA4LA, All products made in Japan to the highest standards.


Common Projects is a collaboration between designers Flavio Girolami and Prathan Poopat. Inspired by the lines and shapes of everyday objects, they design their pieces with a tailored approach, using the finest materials and techniques for superior construction. The designs are minimalist with the only branding being their signature serial number on the heel.


Launched in 2011 by designer Komori Keijiro, Comoli makes "clothes born from the West and reinvented to fit the Japanese climate and form.” Producing seasonal collections without a specific seasonal theme Comoli is simple, quality daily wear.


CONVERSE ADDICT reissues classic CONVERSE sneakers, updating them with high-quality materials, modifying their shape and adding functionality. The ultimate shoe line for CONVERSE fans.


Produced at a family run hosiery factory in Vermont, USA, Darn Tough's exceptional durability and comfort is the result of 3 generations of sock making expertise and craftsmanship. Darn Tough use custom count, shrink treated merino wool renowned for its softness, excellent moisture absorption and quick-drying qualities. Darn Tough are so confident in their socks' quality and longevity that each pair comes with a lifetime guarantee.


Daily standard wear for a comfortable lifestyle. Disregarding trends in fashion, dweller is designed to be wearable throughout the years.


Engineered Garments was launched in New York in 1999. Designer Daiki Suzuki sources inspiration for his designs from vintage clothing and is renowned for his vast knowledge and huge archive of military uniforms, American sportswear and outdoor wear from which he bases his collections. Much more than simply remaking classic items, each piece is updated and reinvented with innovative and practical details, original fabrics and a seemingly obsessive attention given to the finer points.


Founded in New York city in 2011 Etiquette Clothiers combine traditional craftsmanship and modern design to produce its high-grade basics line. Utilizing the highest quality yarns and textiles such as Italian cashmere and cotton, Etiquette Clothiers produce exceptionally comfortable basics, created for everyday function and style.

Faliero Sarti

Since 1949, the Lanificio Faliero Sarti, located in Campi Bisenzio between Florence and Prato, has specialized in producing both textiles for major fashion houses and their own scarf creations. Each product is made of natural fibers such as wool, cashmere, angora, silk and linen.


Falke was founded in 1895 in Germany as a knitting mill, and is still owned by descendants of the founder. Falke socks are unique in that each pair is ergonomically designed, boasting superior functionality and comfort.


Folk is a casual menswear brand founded in London in 2001 by Cathal McAteer. Folk is about making clean, honest, understated garments with a meticulous eye for color and fabric selection. Folk creates simple everyday clothing with subtle, innovative and sometimes playful detailing. Inspiration is rooted in the daily life of London, with shapes, colors and textures playing a big part in the designs. In 2012 Folk launched it's women's line which following with the same design ethos and attention to detail.


Launched in 2014 with the concept of producing clothes for 'women with identity', Fumika Uchida's self-named line puts a strong emphasis on fabric texture and feeling, lines and silhouette as well as the inherent nuance of each garment. Uchida's many years experience working with vintage clothing is reflected in her designs which place more value on quality and timelessness than following fads or trends.


GLENUQIE has been producing the finest quality knitwear in Scotland for over 80 years. Made from exceptionally soft yet durable wool sourced in the Donegal wool, GLENUQIE jumpers are knitted entirely as a single seamless piece.


Founded in 2015, HAKUJI is a Japanese jersey brand focused on simple designs crafted to the highest possible quality. With an emphasis on comfort, HAKUJI produces basic cut and sewn pieces and authentic knitwear ideal for daily use.


IBEX specialize in clothing manufactured from 100% New Zealand Merino wool. Merino wool is ultra soft, machine washable and has a unique quality in that it draws moisture away from the skin, regulating body temperatures in all conditions. IBEX’S wool comes from New Zealand Merino sheep living at an altitude of 1200m or higher providing the highest quality yarns for their products.


inov-8 was founded in the United Kingdom in 2003 and is one of the world’s leading all terrain footwear, apparel and equipment brands. inov-8 considers the athletes’ interaction with the environment to be the single most important factor when designing products, and as such delivers truly athlete-centric innovation in each of its products.


Jo Gordon launched her self-named knit accessories brand in 1995 in Scotland. Now sold in over 20 countries the brand works with local mills and factories using traditional knitting techniques to ensure each product is manufactured with true Scottish authenticity and quality. The designs are often colorful and feature complex patterns providing a unique blend of the old and the new.


jonnlynx was launched in 2008 by designer Mariko Hayashi. The brand produces seasonal collections but avoids set themes, instead opting to produce elegant but subdued daily wear, free of trends, suitable for use from morning to night.


Khata means scarf in Tibetan and is the name given to this all made-in-Nepal scarf and stole brand. Made from a mix of cotton and acrylic fibers, the scarves are soft and can be worn next to the skin, while the unique combinations of both bright and soft colors make them the perfect match for daily wear.


Based on the Shetland Islands of Scotland, Laurence J. Smith is one of the long established manufacturers of Shetland wool knitwear. The fleece of the Shetland sheep is renowned for its incredibly soft yet durable wool and is much sought after for use in jumpers, outerwear and finely knit shawls. Laurence J Smith utilizes traditional techniques to produce knits that are designed for daily wear. Quality knits that last a lifetime.


Founded in Seattle in 2010, Luna Sandals is a leader in the global sandal-running movement. The sandals designs are based on footwear made by the Tarahumara people of Mexico, a tribe known for its distance-running prowess.


Inspired by her Scandinavian heritage, Maria Rudman’s jewelry is hand-crafted by indigenous craftspeople of the remote Lapland region of northern Sweden. Utilizing traditional materials such as reindeer leather and woven pewter beads, the unique accessories are as long lasting as they are beautiful.


Launched in the 2015 Autumn and Winter 2015 season, MYTHINKS draws on the extensive experience of its founder and director who spent 25 years as a buyer at the forefront of the burgeoning Japanese fashion scene. Under the dual mantras of "back to the past" and "how I would do it differently" MYTHINKS draws from the archives and updates its products utilising a vast knowledge of garments, details, fabrics and color.


N.HOOLYWOOD designer Daisuke Obana began his career working as a buyer in Harajuku vintage specialty store "go-getter", a shop which spawned many Tokyo fashion movements. Over time he began selling his own original and re-worked items from the corner of the shop developing his skills in design and production. N.HOOLYWOOD was launched in 2000 and held its first runway show in 2002. In 2007 the brand held its first Paris exhibition for the new line N.HOOLYWOOD COMPILE and has been showing in New York since the Spring & Summer of 2011. N.HOOLYWOOD is one of the leading contemporary fashion brands in Japan today.

new balance

Founded in Boston in 1906 by British immigrant J. William Riley, New Balance was a producer of arch support inserts until 1960 when they manufactured the world’s first running shoe with a ripple sole - the "Trackster". Unlike many athletic shoe companies New Balance has not moved its manufacturing offshore and still maintaining its production facilities in the USA and UK.


Tokyo designer Kyoko Ono created pelleq with the goal of producing comfortable daily wear that becomes 'like a second skin'. Involved in every step of the process from design to production the designer strives to make everyday clothing that a women can feel confident and relaxed in.


sellenatela produces women’s footwear under the mantra of “The Liberated Life”. Combining modern design sensibilities with universal femininity, sellenatela produce footwear for the contemporary woman’s lifestyle.


From the 1950's to the 1970's Slovakia was home to numerous factories dedicated to the production of military training shoes, however as global economics changed in the following decades most of these factories we forced to close. In one such facility SPALWART of Sweden has reopened production lines to start manufacturing sneakers using the same methods, lasts and machinery as was done decades ago. Bringing production into the 21st century, SPALWART are also adding new developments such as the application of ultra-light, durable and breathable car air-bag fabric to uppers.


Sunspel has been making everyday clothing from beautiful fabrics since 1860. They made the revolutionary move to manufacture underwear from soft, lightweight Egyptian cotton instead of traditional wool, as well as developing the world’s first t-shirts as we know them today. Sunspel as a true pioneer in British craftsmanship.


TANGTANG was launched in 2011 by Masato Tanno. The brand focuses mainly on producing t-shirts featuring typographic prints that range from pop culture references, to obscure, absurd and comical messages.


Founded in 2002 in Tokyo, UNUSED reinvents classic casual wear pieces through a concept of "investigating new forms through the dismantling and removal of existing conceptual frameworks". One of the most exciting brands in Japan, UNUSED constantly push the boundries of daily wear.


VANS was founded by Paul Van Doren in 1966 in California and produced some of the worlds first skateboarding shoes. VANS is both a pioneer and leader in the global skateboarding culture.


WESTOVERALLS was founded in Tokyo in 2017 under the premise “IT RISES IN THE WEST AND SETS IN THE EAST”, an ode to the finest Japanese denim tracing its lineage back to Nîmes in France. The brand focuses mainly on premium denim products with considered details and refined silhouettes.


Sisters Yoi and Noi Kojima established their design studio in Kauai, Hawaii in 2015 to begin work on their jewelry brand Yoi. Minimal, sophisticated in design, each piece is inspired by the beauty and abundant nature of Kauai Island.


Zimmerli was founded in Switzerland in 1871 and is renowned for producing some of the highest quality underwear in the world. Zimmerli stays true to the complex manufacturing and finishing methods it has employed for more than a century producing everything by hand and using only premium natural fiber materials.