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Launched in 2015 by Food Coordinator Junichi Goto, DRESSSEN produces durable, high quality aprons sporting playful and amusing typographic prints on the front.


Kat & Roger is a collaborative endeavor between partners Kat Hutter and Roger Lee, two artists living and working in Mount Washington, Los Angeles. After meeting in graduate school where Kat was studying painting and Roger ceramics, the two pursued their individual careers before deciding to combine skills and launch Kat & Roger. Their earthy hand-made objects are a combination of classic shapes, natural clay textures and bold graphic surface patterns.


Laguiole En Aubrac knives have been manufactured in the mountainous southwest region of France since 1922. The incredible craftsmanship, remarkable sharpness of the blade and extraordinary quality of the materials used all contribute to the knives' legendary status and are considered unique cultural property of France.


Kumamoto Prefecture native Harada Maho started her self-named ceramics brand in 2001. Renowned for its distinctive and colorful designs, Harada carefully kneads pigments into her clay to create multi colored strips which she arranges in to geometric patterns for molding. Harada's original handcrafted method ensures no two pieces are exactly the same..

mt washington pottery

Mt. Washington Pottery was founded by former make-up artist and women’s magazine creative director Beth Katz. Crafted entirely by hand in her Los Angeles, California studio, Katz’ work draws influence from the wabi-sabi aesthetic of traditional Japanese ceramics and the modernism of Scandinavian design.

Tracy Wilkinson

A graduate of the esteemed Royal College of Art in London where she earned a Masters Degree in Fashion and Textile Design, Tracy Wilkinson is founder and designer of TW Workshop in Mount Washington, Los Angeles, where she creates a collection of highly original handmade ceramics, one of a kind furniture and home accessories.

おおやぶみよ・日月 (OYABU MIYO・hizuki)

Hizuki was launched in 2003 by glass blower Miyo Oyabu. Renowned for its antique appearance and signature bubble design Oyabu produces each piece out of her one-person workshop in Okinawa. From tableware, drinking glasses to paperweights each Hizuki piece is truly one of a kind.


Koishiwara, in Fukuoka Prefecture is one of Japan's famous ceramics producing regions. The area is renowned for its high quality clays and simple and warm designs. Oumeikamamoto is one of the one of the most well regarded producers of Koshiwara Ceramics and one of the finest exponents of 'Tobo-kanna', a local ceramic chiseling technique used to create patterns on pottery.


Shotoku Glass was established in 1922 as a manufacturer of the glass portion of electric light bulbs. Utilizing the knowledge and skills gained making light bulb glass Shotoku began working on new products, eventually developing the extraordinarily thin 'Usuhari glass'. Each one hand-made by a master craftsman, the Usuhari Glass appears to be extremely delicate but it can in fact be handled just as one would any other glassware.